Pre Approved Home Loans Guide

home loans guideOnce your application has been pre approved, our home loan consultants will get in contact with you to request the supporting documentation and inform you for what amount you will qualify for. Please note that the Pre Approval does not mean that your application is finally granted. We can only receive a final grant when all your documentation were received and submitted to the various banks.

Complete your pre approval Now and find out for how much you will qualify for in minutes! This is the first step in getting your application approved, and the most important one!

The information that you enter on the Pre Approval form will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. The purpose of the Pre Approval is to allow our consultants to determine whether your application will have any merit or not. This is a very important step, as we do not want to give anyone false hope, nor waste anyone’s time and money to ask for supporting documentation, if we are unsure if the application stand a good chance in getting approved.

Did You Know?

You can switch your home loan over to another institution through Best home Loans! Receive a better interest rate and the loan amount you need to consolidate your debt by switching!

How To Find Out If You Qualify?

Did you find out if you qualified for a second bond? If not, then feel free to contact our friendly consultants to assist you! We can help clients with personal loans as well, so if you didn’t qualify for a further bond, we can try to get you a personal loan at non banking institutions.

To enable our home loan consultants to determine for what amount you will qualify for, we will need you to complete the Pre Approval form as accurately as possible.

As soon as your details has been reviewed, your dedicated consultant will get in contact with you to discuss your application.

Please Note: If you are married in community of property or if the property is registered in both you and your spouse’s names, then we will need both of your details on the Pre Approval Form.

Should you have any questions regarding the details on the form, please feel free to contact us, so we can assist you. All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. The Pre Approval form is used solely for one purpose, and that is to determine whether your application will have any merit, before we will ask you for any additional documentation.

This will give you the assurance that your loan application will be able to get submitted without any delays or declines. If you suspect that you might be blacklisted for some reason, or if you have any accounts that is currently in arrears then please note it on the form, as this might have a huge influence on the merit of the loan application.