Debt Consolidation For Home Owners

debt-consolidationHome Owners! Are you paying all of your debt each month, just to realize that you won’t have enough money left for yourself until your next pay day? Then we would suggest that you consolidate your smaller debt into your home loan now! Many people are scared of debt consolidation, as they are totally under the wrong impression most of the time.

Debt consolidation is NOT debt review! To consolidate one’s debt, means that you use the money that you receive from your approved bond application and settle all your smaller debt, especially those with the high interest rates like personal loans, credit cards etc. Complete your Pre Approval now and receive an answer within minutes!

These days it’s much more difficult to get existing home owners approved for a  second bond, due to the current economic climate and the national credit act that was put in place. Most home owners gets declined when they apply, or they wait almost a month before they receive any word from the bank! This will definitely not be the case when you apply through us. Our home loan consultants are dedicated to their clients and will provide you with the service that you deserve!

Whether you are a first time home owner or applying for a second or further bond on your property, this shouldn’t be a daunting task at all. Our competent consultants will do all the hard work for you, so you can carry on with your life.  Once you apply, a dedicated home loan consultant will be allocated to you, and will keep you updated throughout the whole process.

When you consolidate your debt into your home loan, you may save between R4000 & R7000 per month! This will improve your cash flow dramatically and will allow you to live your life to the fullest extend again, by only repaying one much smaller amount back on your home loan. Debt consolidation has helped thousands of  home owners all over South Africa to improve their lifestyle after their debt has become too much too handle.

We know and understand our client’s needs, therefore we will always try our utmost best in getting your home loan approved, by giving the necessary motivations if needed as well as liaising with the consultants at the various banks. When your loan has been finally approved, the money will be paid into your bank account directly and you may use it to pay off all of your smaller debt with the high interest rates and installments, or for any other purpose you might need it for.

Please note: We are only able to assist home owners who has been paying their bond for at least 1 year, are not blacklisted and have no arrears on any accounts. If you feel that there is a valid reason for any arrears on your accounts, please complete the Pre Approval form accordingly and contact a home loan consultant to assist you accordingly.

Make your decision today and benefit! Get rid of all your money problems and apply now by completing your Pre Approval form on the right of this page. Once your details has been reviewed, a friendly consultant will contact you to discuss your application with you, and to inform you for what amount you will be able to apply for. We will always first determine if your application will have any merit, before we will ask you to send the supporting documentation, so not to waste your time or incur unnecessary costs by faxing etc.