Debt Consolidation For Home Owners

Home Owners! Are you paying all of your debt each month, just to realize that you won’t have enough money left for yourself until your next pay day? Then we would suggest that you consolidate your smaller debt into your home loan now! Many people are scared of debt consolidation, as they are totally under the wrong impression most of the time. Debt consolidation is … [Read more...]

Personal Loans For Permanently Employed Blacklisted Clients

Are you blacklisted? Or do you just need to apply for a personal loan? Then you came to the right place! We assist blacklisted & non-blacklisted clients to obtain a personal loan from one of various non-banking institutions. Don’t let being listed on the credit bureau prevent you from getting a personal loan. Most non-banking financial institutions were … [Read more...]

A Guide To Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is just what it says, we have financial institutions who are willing to bridge your approved home loan to allow you to receive money within 24 hours, after you have signed all the necessary documentation at the attorneys who will be handling the bond registration. This option allows our clients to receive an amount of up to 80% of the approved … [Read more...]

Pre Approved Home Loans Guide

Once your application has been pre approved, our home loan consultants will get in contact with you to request the supporting documentation and inform you for what amount you will qualify for. Please note that the Pre Approval does not mean that your application is finally granted. We can only receive a final grant when all your documentation were received and … [Read more...]

Our Guide to Debt Consolidation

If you find yourself having trouble manage in all your monthly repayments of loans and if you are at risk of falling into debt, because your repayment rate is too high, then debt consolidation can offer a solution to your problems. Through the use of this service, you can avoid bad credit, repossession and foreclosures, as well as find a manageable way to repay all … [Read more...]